Tuesday, July 15, 2008

San Diego?

It's currently 3am....I still have to get up to go to work tomorrow morning. We're getting a bunch of things ready for San Diego, the biggest comic-con in North America. It's always an amazing show, and it keeps getting more insane every year.

This time I'll be with Paul Dini & Laurie Breitkreuz at their booth (#1803), along with a bunch of other friends. Just glancing at the schedules, there's lots to see. Once again, the wish of having a cloning machine prevails....and that's not even including the show floor.

So let's see, if I could clone myself for San Diego, I would station one of me at the booth, another 2 in the panel/programming areas, probably 4 of me walking up and down the floor, and another to get myself food. Of course the original me would be sleeping in the hotel room...

- Kandrix