Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Website Launched!

We launched the new version of the Calgary Expo website 24 hours ago,and it's been really crazy. It's got a lot of great backend functionality, and now we've got a few people working on the site, instead of just myself...especially since I'm not a big web (or tech) type of guy.

We started selling tickets online, and it's been amazing. And we're only a day into it!

The best part, is we just started to announce our guest of honor; Leonard Nimoy. He's the biggest guest we've ever had, and we've got it setup that he'll be doing a special appearance in Vulcan (which is about an hour+ drive away) the day before the show.

Excited is hardly the right word for all of this!

And we've added a few new key members to the's going to be a great year!

- Kandrix