Monday, February 16, 2009

Promo Art

One of the coolest things is getting art. It's a great way to get excited about the show. Over the past couple months, I've been receiving pieces for the 2009 artbook, as well as some promo art. In the past we've had 4-6 variations of our postcard promos, but this year we've cut it down to 2. It became quite a bit of a hassle to coordinate everything. So, we decided to have Wolverine and Darth Maul as the two characters in our promos. With Wolverine, we figured it would be a good tie-in with the upcoming movie (that's out the week after). And for Darth Maul, we've got Ray Park coming up, and people identify the lightsaber almost as an icon.

Here's the pencils for Joe Ng's promo piece of Darth Maul (which will be colored by Jim Zubkavich)

...and Mike Choi's Wolverine, colored by Sonia Oback.

- Kandrix